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My father got me interested in photography when I was a boy. He had a roll film camera - 2 & 1/4 square 12 negative film first. The he got into kodacolor slides - we had slide evenings. He took close ups of snails and apples and what came out of the the garden - as well as pics of us kids and family stuff - "every picture tells a story" he'd say. Began from there. 

I inherited his roll film camera first. Then a Voigtlander 35mm. Built an enlarger - not great focus using a magnifying glass as a lense. So it started.


At uni had a darkroom with friends. Also in London. And it's developed from there. The collections on this site represent photographs I really like - apart from the more personal family pictures. Since coming to live at Mangawhai I have had a couple of exhibitions. Got one planned for 2022. Watch this space for more. 

If you've got a questions/suggestion - please use the form below. Happy to provide info/ be of assistance.

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